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The year that Domano became a strong name in the fashion industry. Strengthened by the belief that people in the Benelux deserved better when it comes to clothing. Domano started importing Italian fashion into the Benelux. It was the start of better dressed business men and women with many great things to come.


Domano is conquering the Benelux bit by bit. Introducing the well known term "Made in Italy", Domano is becoming a house of brands that provides the people in the Benelux with the finest brands that fashion has to offer. By bringing Italian and designer fashion to the Benelux Domano changes the Benelux version of the sharp dressed man and woman.


Importing more and more international brands Domano is becoming the go to company for many famous brands such as Corneliani, Ralph lauren, Allegri, Yves Saint Laurent. Labels find their way to Domano and Domano is introducing them to the Benelux market. By doing so Domano strengthens it's position as experts in fashion.


Domano is opening up an office in Brussels. By doing so Domano is able to bring better service to the Benelux. Like their head office in Amsterdam, their Brussels department is also a haven for quality fashion. It allows Domano to grow to become a highly appreciated partner in the  fashion industry.


The Brussels office is moved to Antwerp. Antwerp is becoming a blooming fashion city, and Domano is finding itself in the centre of the Belgian fashion industry. From their new office in Antwerp they break ground with new collections like La Martina and new brands that are introduced to the Belgian market.


Domano is split into different companies. Each of the offices is independent. The offices in Naarden and Antwerp  continue to provide expert service in fashion. The Domano brand is growing in expertise. New and fresh brands are added to the list of partners that work with Domano to be represented in the Benelux


A new Antwerp office is launched. Studio Domano is born. To be able to bring even better and fresher brands to the market, Studio Domano opens up its doors. The Suykernatie at the Raapstraat is turned into a haven of international fashion and style. Bringing young as well as known designer labels, Studio Domano is bringing the Benelux the best of the best.

About the Suykernatie

When Antwerp was blooming in the middle ages, a merchant called Jan Balbani build a warehouse called Jan Balbani's sugar house. The warehouse and sugar cellars where situated in the part of the city where the artillery house of the city used to be. After changing owners over the centuries, the house and the cellars where owned by the De Villegas family. Josine Toreel-Villegas and her sons each owned parts of Jan Balbani's sugar house, turning it into a trading house of high stature. The warehouse became a well known place in Antwerp. After it was sold in 1738 it changed owners over the next decades. In 1919 the storage rooms where given a new destination. The katholic normaalschool took it's refuge in Jan Balbani's sugar house, that had been renamed the Suykernatie over the last centuries. The chapel build over the cellars of the sugar house was one of the fairest in antwerp and was famed for its design by architect Frans Peeters

When Studio Domano found the Suykernatie, it was a rough diamond of unprecedented beauty. The chapel with it's great allure combined with it's history in trade, made it a location of great potential. It was the most fitting place to combine trade and beauty. And after centuries the Suykernatie reclaimed it's rightful place as a famous house of trade. Today the Suykernatie is a place of international fashion and trade. It recaptures its rich history by filling its halls and cellars with the very best that fashion has to offer. Studio Domano will honor the roots of the Suykernatie by making sure it will remain to be a haven for quality and elegancy. The Suykernatie will remain to be a historic jewel of trade in the city of antwerp.

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